Living Green

Living Green is Maldron Hotels & Partners environmental movement that inspires care for our environment as a “Way of Life” throughout our hotels; both for our people and our guests.

At Maldron Hotel South Mall, we care deeply for our environment and are in the process of introducing environmentally-friendly changes to help play our part in protecting it. We’ve set up an Environmental Impact Team who are always looking at ways we can make small but simple changes that will have a long term benefit, be it carpooling to work or re-useable cups at our desks. The team as a whole have fostered a green way of thinking.

Maldron Hotel South Mall VIP Earth Watcher

We are all about sustainability at Maldron Hotel South Mall and we want to reward our mini guests and make them an honouree Maldron ‘VIP Earth Watcher’.


You will notice some of the sustainability changes that we have made and “Bee” sure to visit our Bee Hotel and herb garden on the 8th floor of the hotel.


We would love for you to share this by bringing a bit of it home with you. On departure, your “Maldron VIP Earth Watcher” will take home a mini biodegradable pot and sunflower seeds.


Share photos of your growing experience with us! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and you could win a weekend stay at the Maldron Hotel South Mall for your family!

Our Environmental Policy

In order to make your stay or your meeting or event as sustainable as possible and in line with our Environmental Policy we are committed to the below:

  • Our air-handling units are eco-friendly and only used when required to reduce electricity consumption
  • The lighting in our meeting rooms is produced by energy-efficient bulbs
  • We ensure lights are turned off in our meeting rooms when they are not in use
  • We e-mail quotations and contracts instead of printing
  • We use local food suppliers with all of our food sourced within Ireland in order to support the local economy and reduce our carbon footprint
  • All glass beverage bottles are returned or recycled
  • All food waste generated within the premises is disposed of as compostable waste.

Below are some of the incentives we’ve started and we continue to develop and extend this list:

  • Carpooling to work – people living in the same area sharing a lift or driving to a point and walking hence reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Completed Water Stewardship training on how to lower water consumption and reduce operating costs by lower the flow of water into the building
  • Waste management improvement – segregated bins introduced in offices, canteen and plan to put them on the bedroom corridors also
  • Adopted/sponsored a Donkey from the local Donkey Sanctuary
  • Donated to the Good Shepard Christmas appeal for women and children who are at risk of homelessness around the City

As we are a new hotel opened in 2018 we’ve been built using the most efficient lighting and heating technology throughout the building.

The Bee Hotel

We have created a Bee Hotel in unused space on the roof and have since become a supporter of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.


Sensored lighting throughout the building especially in offices and areas of the hotel when there isn’t a constant flow of traffic.

Herb Garden

We have created a herb garden where the herbs produced will be used by the Chef and his team in the kitchen.

Living Green - The Future

Maldron Hotels & Partners are committed to continuing our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. If you would like to know more about our environmental movement, please click here.

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